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Monday, January 24, 2011

Looking to save a few hundred dollars?

Looking at various ways to save monthly and yearly dollars can be frustrating for those of us who have already done that and feel there's nothing else left to cut back? But, have you looked at cancelling your cable or satellite TV? I know, how can you live without your reality TV and how can the kids manage without their dose of cartoons? Well, your family doesn't have to stop watching TV! Check out this website called PlayOn. You can watch several of your favorite shows completely free using a product called Hulu on your computer screen.

Now, if you want to make use of your new HD Television, you can do that too! For a $40.00 fee you can stream TV shows and movies from Hulu.com, Netflix, and more to your television.

"PlayOn is a software program that runs on your Windows PC, giving you access to a wide range of Internet content on your TV -- Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon VOD, and many others." -> from the PlayOn website.

Reading through some of the testimonials, people are literally saving hundreds per year. I had my hubby try it for free last night on our computer and the show as very clear, just as we were watching it on our TV. (only on a much smaller screen of course! LOL)

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