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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Save on Prescriptions

Who knew you could save on prescriptions at Costco and you don't need a membership to use their pharmacy! Thanks BargainBabe.com for sharing this information.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Free coupons & Samples

Check out this website and sign up for the p&g newsletter. You will then get a page where you can sign up for several free samples and free coupons on some common products such as shampoo, Tide, feminine products, and mouthwash. I love my freebies!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Point Programs

There are many point or reward programs out there and one that I frequent is the My Coke reward points. I just found out from Home Depot that if you attend a do it herself workshop you will get 20 My Coke Reward Bonus Points!

New Years

Well there are alot of new year's deals out there! If you are looking for a dinner out check out Houlihan's where today they sent me an email which offers the following:

Thursday, December 31st
Featuring a special menu for the evening, for just $27.95 per person.
- Your choice of any of our steaks (including Filet mignon, Prime top sirloin and New York strip)
- Cold-water lobster tail
- Choice of soup or salad
- Any dessert
- Any non-alcohol beverage

Not too bad a price in my opinion. Of course, catering the same meal at home is much cheaper! I just purchased lobster tails at the Acme for only $5.99 per tail. Be creative if you are dining in and want to make it special.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I got my $5.00 certificate via email today!

If you sign up for their email alerts, you will get a "Thank You" for signing up in your inbox! You only need a minimum purchase of $5.00 to use the $5.00 so it's basically free! Treat yourself to a new pair of socks, or perhaps some new earrings, or maybe you are going anyway and can use it towards a holiday gift!

PS - I also received a coupon to use online which is 10% off my purchase!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's a busy and crazy world in my house!

Do you ever have days where your "to-do" list is just too long and you know there is no way in the world you can even touch it, and on top of that there are at least ten more items that I should add to the list, but that is just too discouraging to even think about it! Huh? You mean that doesn't just happen in my house? LOL!

Well, today is certainly proving to be one of those days for me!

Two quick tips for those gals out there who are having one of those days!

Coffee and Wine! Just kidding, that's not the 2 tips but, thought you might need a little anyway.

Since it's just too busy for me to think my house could get all cleaned up by one person cleaning up after three....I put a large basket near the bottom of the stairs. This basket serves a purpose other than decorative. I put all the little items that are dragged downstairs, but need to be put back upstairs in it. Each time I go upstairs, I just grab 1 of those items and put it away. By the end of the week, the basket is usually empty and if I'm lucky hubby will chip in too!

My 2nd tip is that you should take advantage of online shopping. It saves me time and money. Check out Circuit City's on line website. They will email you when they have special deals ahead of time and they do have good prices as I comparably shop the web.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Healthy Lifestyles

During my endeavor to live more affordably, I encountered a nifty website called Calorie Count. It's not JUST about counting calories so don't close out my blog just yet :> Check out their blog as well as their site! You can get great healthy recipes even your children will love. Recently, I found two for the holidays. I think the kids will love the cranberry pancakes and I found a potluck meatball recipe which will be cheap and tasty for entertaining! Anything with the Crockpot is a big hit because it's easy, saves me time, and is much cheaper to run than my oven!

You can even subscribe to a variety of free newsletters if you want them forwarded to your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly.

Another side benefit for those of you wishing to loose weight is they offer a support group online. I have been successful at loosing weight over the past year and have enjoyed using this feature. It's cheaper than weight watchers and doesn't cost me a dime! You can even meet "Friends" who share similar struggles in your healthy lifestyle and a new friend is always welcome.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Daily Deals

Many websites or retailers that you know publish "daily deals, or deals of the day". There are several websites designed to show you all of them at a glance. Here is one that seems popular or perhaps they post only a limited quantity. Today the item was sold out by lunchtime which was a Dora the Explorer Pillow with Storage Pocket and Bonus 3 Story Books
Retail Price: $19.99
Savings: (86 %) $17.00
Our Price: $2.99

I noticed they have a counter which means another deal will post soon! So keep your eyes open if you are still doing some holiday shopping!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Check out this Give-Away

I reviewed the website as suggested by the blog owner and was surprised to see the sneakers were cute as a button and what kid wouldn't like to have some unique sneakers that their friends probably don't have?

U*neaks children shoe giveaway!


Cleaning Products and Coupons


Great ideas on anything you need regarding your home such as organizing, cleaning, etc.

Check out this great newsletter for a coupon booklet on cleaning products!

Shop Online Much?

I love to shop online, but only when I get a good deal on S&H. Since it's the holiday season, most places are offering FREE s&h. This works out fantastic for the Mom's with small children and Mom's on the go! Recently, I found out that Kohl's offers some great deals on line. Now through Christmas, you can check out their deal of the day.


You can even shop for toys online at Kohls.

BONUS ALERT: Sign up for their "Sales Alert" by email and you will get
- A $5 coupon to use in our stores
- A 10% off Promo Code to use online