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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Breakfast for Dinner

Well tonight hubby is out with his boss at a dinner meeting having fine wine and a great steak! So, I thought it only appropriate to take the night off from cooking. Well, almost anyway! An easy breakfast for dinner. We are having breakfast which is the easiest meal to cook in my opinion and the favorite of the kids! They just love to crack those eggs. Although, a few shells may have to be dug out of the bowl, we all enjoy making this one together.

Scrambled Eggs with a 4 cheese blend
Crispy Bacon
Left over sweet Hawaiian rolls
Fresh granny smith apple slices

This dish is super easy and I'm sure everyone knows how to scramble an egg, but here's a few tips from my kitchen.

When you are cooking the eggs, when you get to the end and they are almost done, simply leave them in your frying pan so they come out as one whole circle or round egg. Almost like you are making an omlette. Then cut your round into quarters. This enables your egg to stay on your roll and makes eating it less messy.

Right before you are reading to release your eggs from your pan, sprinkle heavily with a 4 cheese blend (or whatever cheese you have in your fridge). Salt & Pepper to taste.

I think doing the bacon in the microwave makes for a less messy and quicker bacon. I like to cut the bacon in half so they fit on the rolls easier, then place them on a paper plate with a paper towel on top. I use 1 minute for each piece of bacon as my guide.

As a final note, I would like to say this is an easy and cheap dinner for your family.

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