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Monday, January 10, 2011

Idea for Family Car Trip to Disney World!

We have been spending lots of time preparing for a family trip to Disney World. This will be our first CAR TRIP to Florida with the kiddo's. We have been to Disney many times, but always by plane. I am getting alot of advice and decided to take some by preparing little goodie bags full of activities and treats for the trip. I just found in my local grocery store these adorable little ouches of freeze dried real fruit. They are manufactured by Brothers All natural but have Disney graphics all over them. They were 99 cents a package in my local store. I picked up Donald Duck, Mickey, and of course, Hannah Montana. The one thing I liked is that they are preservative and sugar free!

I have been storing all my little treats and activites in a basket so the kids will be surprised! I really think they will love these little fruit treats!

For a link to their site, click on the heading.

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