I love to read other blogger reviews and giveaways! You may see some of my easy cooking tips and recipes, but you definatley will see other blogs I like and maybe even some info on giveaways!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Beauty Bloggerati

I have to say that there are some blog's I just enjoy reading weekly. This is one of them, the Beauty Bloggerati. It is a variety of women who blog about everything in the beauty industry. You can often find free insite on new products or what is happening in the industry. I also enjoy Daily Makeover and often complete online survey's for money. This is a popular website and it's nice to get a real person's view of beauty products before you actually think about buying it and waste your time or money.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

FREE Auntie Anne's Pretzels and Coupons!!

I just love the pretzels over at our local Auntie Anne's Pretzel Factory! It's a nice treat for the kids and I don't feel guilty giving them a pretzel as a snack.

Did you know you can sign up for Pretzel Perks through their website? I signed up today and already received two free coupons to print and use.

1. Buy any one pretzel, pretzel dog, or stix and get a free original or cinnamon sugar pretzel.

2. FREE Pepperoni Pretzel with the purchase of any pretzel dog or any stix.

So sign up today and go grab a delicous snack! I just love savings and freebies!!

Check your local mall for possible coupons

My local mall has a club that is FREE to join and this has paid off! I get monthly newsletters on events and promotions happenning at my local mall, plus valuable freebies and coupons! This month's newsletter contained coupons for several retailers at my local mall.

These are just a few of the samples from this month's email:

Disney Store
Auntie Anne's Pretzels
Yankee Candle Store

So, it may pay you to check and see if your local mall has a similar program!

If you live in or around Delaware, you can check out the club by clicking on the link (the title) in this post.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Get FREE information for yourself and your children

In many cases, parents rely on their school system to teach their children right from wrong in reference to a variety of topics. You can help your children by educating yourself on a variety of topics.

Get free information from these sites:

Keep your children safe in your neighborhoods and local community:

Learn about internet safety and age appropriate information in the cyberworld:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Get some FREE CHIPS AHOY Cookies!

If you have Facebook, you can take advantage of this offer and get a coupon for a package of free cookies when you buy 1 package of nabisco cookies and 1 gallon of milk! I remember getting a plate of Chips Ahoy with a glass of milk for dunkin as a child...uhmm!!!

Simply "become a fan" and click on "click here" and your coupon will start printing.