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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reviews and Giveaways

The other day  I had such a great surprise in the mail. A fantastic $15 Starbucks Gift Card!!  No wait - you d on't understand!  I am a Starbucks junkie!  So this was such a perfect gift for a stay at home mom on a budget.  My fellow blogger and friend at  singleparentretreat recommended me to a blog/site on a few occasions and I finally got around to checking them out.  The first time I was poking around their site, I found a giveaway for the card and decided to enter.  Wow!  I truly am one of those people who never win anything so t his was such a nice surprise.  Well, this leads me to my new addiction of looking for great reviews and giveaways on the web.

It sounds corny, but truly I have also educated myself on some great products and vendors out there I never knew existed before.   You can learn how to save money, eat cheap, buy green products, get car deals, household tips, unique gifts, and anything you could possibly think about.

A special Thanks to Phillymomstimeout for my gift card!

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