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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's a busy and crazy world in my house!

Do you ever have days where your "to-do" list is just too long and you know there is no way in the world you can even touch it, and on top of that there are at least ten more items that I should add to the list, but that is just too discouraging to even think about it! Huh? You mean that doesn't just happen in my house? LOL!

Well, today is certainly proving to be one of those days for me!

Two quick tips for those gals out there who are having one of those days!

Coffee and Wine! Just kidding, that's not the 2 tips but, thought you might need a little anyway.

Since it's just too busy for me to think my house could get all cleaned up by one person cleaning up after three....I put a large basket near the bottom of the stairs. This basket serves a purpose other than decorative. I put all the little items that are dragged downstairs, but need to be put back upstairs in it. Each time I go upstairs, I just grab 1 of those items and put it away. By the end of the week, the basket is usually empty and if I'm lucky hubby will chip in too!

My 2nd tip is that you should take advantage of online shopping. It saves me time and money. Check out Circuit City's on line website. They will email you when they have special deals ahead of time and they do have good prices as I comparably shop the web.

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