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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Free Books! (with a small s&h fee)

Today, as I was doing my normal household cleaning and getting the family ready for picture day, it occurred to me that perhaps I should finish up my shopping for the holidays early. This year, my budget for presents is the smallest it has ever been! Of course, when you are running your household with one income, that is to be expected. So, I am looking for some good online deals as shopping via the "net" makes Mama's life much easier and efficient.

Many of my family and friends love getting books as gifts. I looked at a variety of books and it occurred to me that used books may be a better bargain.

1. You can buy more of them.
2. You may be able to afford one your normal budget wouldn't allow you to purchase as New.

Check out this great website I stumbled upon.

You basically swap books with other members, so the only price you pay is the price to ship the book to that person's home. On the "help" portion of this site, it mentions the average price to ship is a little more than $2.00. They even provide a template you simply print from your computer, wrap the two sheets of paper around the book, and mail it out!

Easy Peasy and Cheap!

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